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Crossing the finish line.

Updated: May 2, 2021

May the 1st and about three weeks later than I would have liked and The Hafod pleasure dome is finished apart from awaiting a visit from the "Gas Man" to fit new jets in the ccoker and sign off the installation.

In the last couple of weeks the pressure has been on to finish Hafod by the 30th of April as the photographer was booked to come and do the publicity shots for the listing at Quality Unearthed. Polly was due to arrive at 11 am and at 8.30 on Friday the out door shower was still a work of fiction with a shower tray and waste connection and only cold water. At 10am when Polly arrived (early) the job was well on the way and by 11 twas done and working. Apart from that the photo shoot went well and the sun shone and Muffin put on a cracker dog display to entertain everyone.

The jobs to be completed in the last 2 weeks has been relentless. The bathroom was finished when the toughened glass shower cubicle arrived and the Cinderella toilet was fitted and could finally be tested when I got the electric connected. The Cinderella needs a 12 volt power supply for it's ignition circuit and I connected in a transformer rather than lug car batteries across the field periodically.

The final parts of the kitchen did eventually turn up so I was able to get the work top cut and fitted and the sink was able to be connected.

Carriers have been arriving daily here at Redwood Retreat with parcels of bedding and kitchen equipment so Katherine has been able to get the bed made up and all of the furniture has finally been placed . Lights have been installed and I've just remenbered that I have not yet ordered a booster for the WiFi. I got WiFi installed in Norwegian Wood last autumn and now need a booster has to pump the signal acroos the field to the Hafod.

On a simpler note we've had the wood burner fired up and have had a trial burn in the outdoor fire pit.

We've had 4 lots of guests in Norwegian Wood since the 12 of April and mainly happy bunnies, although a couple have found it cold in the morning. Aparently this April has been the coldest in 90 years and every night Katherine has had to tuck up all the plants in quilts to stop them suffering.

I have to say that I'm really chuffed with the finished look of the dome and I think that we've brought a touch of Xanadu to Radnor with a romantic pleasure dome for visitors. I hope others agree.

`In Xanadu did Kubla Khan

A stately pleasure-dome decree:

Our Anthony has come to visit and stay the night and although we have to do a change over tomorrow morning with guests leaving by 9.30 and others arriving by 4.30 I see a bottle of Malt Whisky has materialised so some celebration may be had and a certain amount of the malt may well evaporate in the course of the evening.

So with the Hafod dome project just about tied up I'll be able to start on some more works about the place. It's a good job I'm retired or I'd never have the time to get stuff done.

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