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Flawed flooring

The Hafod is starting to take on a finished look now and the amount of materials lying about is going down. I look forward to being able to get into my garage soon! I finished fitting the inner lining earlier this week in the Hafod dome, fitting small plastic caps and washers to all of the nuts and clipping the edge of the fabric to the frame with some clever tubular plastic clips.

I took the bull by the horns on Thursday and cut a hole in the roof of the tent for the chimney outlet. I had purchased a flue flashing for a slate roof and then made 2 metal frames to secure the flashing in place on the tent fabric. I bolted all in place then slacked of the nuts and added a line of mastic as a final seal before tightening everything down. We’ve had rain since and all seems to be dry inside.

With the flashing in the roof I could finally fit the chimney and get the fire hearth and stove in place. Firstly I had to start getting the strip wood floor laid in the fireplace area so the hearth and stove is on top of the finished floor. I’ve now done about a third of the floor and it’s being a bit of a swine. The final appearance of the floor is OK but the quality is very variable so each strip has to be examined and checked for dodgy bits before laying. Once in place it looks fine but it’s a time consuming process.

I should finish the floor in the next couple of days and then the last jigsaw puzzle is the curtain rail support track. I have 3 pieces of curved box metal to fit to the curved interior of the dome but nothing seems to fit together properly. There are no instructions and we’ve already had a couple of attempts to fit it up but are yet to be satisfied with the results. We’ll just have to persevere.

The kitchen units are on order as is the cooker, and the fridge is in stock here so we’ll be starting the interior fit out in a week or so.

Outside, around the domes, Katherine has been creating paths using bark chippings courtesy of the local sawmill and also starting to plant up around the garden dome. She’s created 4 new beds here which along with long term perennials will also get a large dollop of bedding plants in a month or so when the weather is a bit warmer. Among this week’s planting are Photinia, Spirea and Escallonia; a couple of different coloured Lilacs, some Bamboo and Cotoneaster and a Rhodedendrom which already has large flower buds forming. There will also be some herbs to plant out shortly, they are all currently growing on every free space and shelf on the landing.

With the change in what’s permitted and the relaxation of lock down in Wales, we’ve had a lot of bookings come through from Quality Unearthed for Norwegian Wood for the coming summer. Now we’re aiming to be ready for photographs of the “finished item” at Hafod by the middle of April and will be ready to open in May. We’re not setting an actual date yet as I’d rather take a week longer if necessary and make sure everything is right rather than rushing.

I was quite surprised to get a letter on Friday asking me to attend to get a second Covid jab as it’s only been about 6 weeks since I had the 1st I guess it’s simply age before beauty as Katherine only got her 1st injection a week ago.

I think were planning to round of the week with roast pork veggies and also a squash. I’ve already lined up a side order of Emmylou Harris for accompaniment.

Solar PV 48.65Kw

Wind Turbine 17.23Kw

Power Created on site 65.88KW

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