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The Snagging List.

So with Polly having done the happy snappy job the Hafod details were sent through to Quality Unearthed to be added to their list of quirky glamping properties. Along with the top quality professional shots of the dome I wrote a few paragraphs describing the location and facilities offered. It took QU about a week to put the listing together and then the pages, subject to editing went live. As previously the finished presentation looked great, far superior than I could achieve. A lesson in life is to acknowledge one limitations and employ professionals when required.

With the page gone live and available for bookings it was time to make a start on the snagging list I’d got prepared. Although the Hafod was finished there were still quite a few loose end to be tied up. Firstly the gas man came and fitted the correct jets in the cooker and signed off the installation as safe. But the list included about 30 small and mainly non vital jobs like insulating water pipes, putting up coat hooks and setting up waste bins.

Outside, the Bar B Que needed levelling and a table for the cooks use was created out of more oak boards. Then just when I thought I’d done all, a small persistent water leak appeared behind the bathroom vanity unit. To fix it meant isolating the water supply and removing the waste pipes and finally dismantling the unit. Fixing the leak took about 5 minutes but the dismantle and remantle took about 4 hours.

Most of this month we’ve had people coming and going at Norwegian Wood so all of the snagging jobs have had to be fitted in around doing a change over every 2 or 3 days making beds and clearing up. So far this year the visitors seem to have been determined to have a good break even with the limited facilities open in the town. But now at last Rhayader is coming to life as the pubs and eateries can open properly and the roads can be blocked with caravans and motor bikes,

And with spring finally making an appearance the grass has decided to grow.

Out of storage comes my John Deere ride on mower. Now over 20 years old but a really good piece of kit. Started 1st turn of the key after 6 months stored but sadly one of the cutting deck supports had rusted through. Without the support the mower won’t work so it’s not to be ignored. The deck hangs on 3 main points that have to be removed and having cleaned everything (rust) and removed the deck I decided that a trip to my friendly blacksmith was called for. He talks to metal like I talk to wood and within half an hour he’d remade the broken hanger better than new.

With the repaired deck back in place one man went to mow and you can sing the rest yourself.

Bookings for the Hafod have now started to arrive with the first visitors coming on the Friday of the bank holiday weekend. I keep going and checking everything but if I’ve forgotten summat they’ll just have to come and tell me. We’ve got both domes booked for the period and a camper in a tent as well so busy busy busy, and may be a beer or 2.

Katherine has taken a raft of photies for the face book so I’ve nicked some for a quick preview here.

And with the Hafod finished I can make a start on more exciting stuff like installing some solar thermal panels I’ve had sat in the garage for 2 years or so.

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