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Theory and practice.

Yesterdays theory regards the pond creation has turned into proven practice. After I put down the plastic liner yesterday, spring water was tending to rise up under the sheet, causing a bubble to form in the center of the sheet. But by this morning the weight of accumulating water on top was was sufficient to hold the edge of the sheet down in the mud allowing more

spring water to seep into the lined pond area, and forcing the bubble down. By 11 this morning the water had risen to over 200mm (8 inches) deep and is still rising. When you consider that the surface water is actually frozen still I think that indicates that the pond is a goer.

I'll need to get busy and build up the turf embankment before the pond get much deeper or I'll be having a minature Barnes Wallace moment when the dam gives way!!

Meantime whilst I was admiring yesterdays handiwork Katherine was having a massive bonfire in the adjacent paddock. All the accumulated hedge trimmings from 2020 plus Christmas paper, packaging boxes, holly and ivy etc was getting put to the torch. Within 2 hours a heap 1.5 mtrs high had been reduced to ashes. Very satisfying and an important job in the annual cycle.

Oh and I did manage to walk around the field today and didn't succumb to using the red beast for transport.


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