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1st time visitors

I'm sat here at 3.30 on Friday PM, waiting for the very 1st visitors coming to stay at The Hafod.

The only thing I know isn't connected up is the WiFi. I've just had "the box" arrive in the post and I've charged it up in the USB port in the dome. Whats missing is any know how about SIM cards and how to kick starting the thingy. If Katherine gets home before the visitors we might give it a go. Other wise it will have to wait. But hey who needs it when youve got Xanadu.

And if the heavens open you can always chill in bed.

We've laid on a Welsh high tea of Welsh cakes, shortbread and Bara Brith and the kettles bubbling so now I hope people will love it.

NB Bara brith is a traditional Welsh tea bread flavoured with tea, dried fruits and spices. I've also laid on a pot of our own Blackcurrent jam to spread on butter.Mmmm!!

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