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Well a week has flown by and visitors keep arriving and departing, I don't just mean the Swallows and House Martins. Some one kindly decided that winter should be gone and brought along a bucket of sun. And with the summer solstice not far off it's about time.

The 3rd set of visitors are now ensconced in the Hafod and it's proved to be as well loved as Norwegian Wood as is evidenced by the comments in the visitors book. Still not got the WiFi functioning yet, need a hand from a Tecky some time.

With the building up of Redwood pretty well done now, I can get back on track with upgrading the heating system in our house. A year or so before Mr Covid decided to screw the world over I had some great fortune and lucked in on a quantity of new solar thermal panels. I've also accumulated new copper heating cylinders and associated pumps and pipe works. In between making beds and doing the changeover in the domes I plan on getting this lot installed on the roof here this summer, to make a further reduction on ourdomestic oil consumption.

I also have an air source heat pump which I plan to add in to the underfloor heating system. The plan is that this will soak up surplus home generated electricity when available and help to heat the house in winter. So I have a couple of projects lined up to keep me busy.

Todays agenda though consists of making 7lb of marmalade and 40 Pints of Yorkshire bitter plus a few phone calls and perhaps a snooze in the sun.

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