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Good(y)'s in transit

Now which box is mine?

I've had notification that the container in which my shipment of new geodesic domes for Redwood Retreat are due to clear UK customs shortly. Then the box will be unpacked and my 3 pallets will finally be forwarded to us here in Wales.

With the wonders of modern tech I've been able to track the containers wanderings about the oceans of the world, entry and exit of the Suez canal, across the Bay of Biscay and up the channel before ending up in the Belgium port of Zeebrugge instead of Felixstowe; close boys but no prizes! The box was finally forwarded on to the UK just before the weekend.

The whole process has been overeseen by the Natalie, princess of shipping at who have acted as my agent from factory to my door.

Now I'm under pressure to get the dome base completed so that I can get them erected as soon as they arrive. The sooner I get the domes up and things start to be "unlocked" in Wales, Quality Unearthed will be able to take photographs and get the new dome listed on their site as available.

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